Monday, June 20, 2011

The challenge of Painting in 2 styles

My posting here has been neglected due to the carpentry work we've had going one. I've been quite distracted. But everything is getting back to normal.

As you probably know, I paint in 2 styles: American Indians/western which I've been doing for many years and Contemporary Realism still lifes which I started doing seriously about 3-4 years ago.

I think it's great to paint in different styles/subject matters because it keeps everything fresh. I don't feel like I'm painting the same thing over and over again. My "problem" is that I don't want to show both styles at the same galleries and I'm a slow painter because of the detail I paint. The result is that I have twice as many galleries as I would have if I painted in one style and I spend twice as much time in the studio. Fortunately, I'd rather paint than anything else but it can be over whelming at times.

But I'm not complaining. Being an artist is a great life for me and I'm Blessed by being able to paint and have the galleries that I do.