Thursday, October 28, 2010

What to paint?

Today's conundrum:
1) Do I work on a painting for a gallery that has sold almost all of the work they have hanging? The work I have started for them is going well, I can have it finished in 2 more days,I'm excited about it and I know it will sell but there are things I would rather be painting.
2) Shall I work on a painting I have promised another gallery? I'm more excited about this painting but it is an elaborate piece, will take longer to finish and the gallery has several paintings on their wall.
3) I'm passionately wanting to start a series of small paintings with toys as the subject matter. But I never get around to it because I keep having to "paint for my galleries" to keep work on their walls. Now, I'm certainly not complaining about that!

Today, practicality will win out and I will paint the work for the gallery (#1). But this Saturday, watch out! I WILL start on one of the small toy pieces.


  1. are we gallery #1?! if so, then yes, yes paint for us!!

  2. Yep, you are gallery #1. Two paintings coming your way this week.

  3. I don't know K., sounds a little like whining to me, but I do understand. The new fun thing that no one is waiting for but we want to work on draws us in like forbidden fruit!

  4. Denise, it may sound like whining but I am happy to report that I have completed all three project and am working on 3 new projects.

    I don't let whining stop me from my accomplishments.

  5. If you're "whining" because of commitments of art that you have to meet...I want to whine.