Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreams Await - DOA

Dreams Await, 36 x 36
I got some sad news that my painting Dreams Await, was destroyed by UPS while being returned to me.
In the 30 years of shipping art work I've only had one other painting destroyed (also by UPS)


  1. Omigoodness what a loss. I am so sorry and such a wonderful piece of art.

  2. That is truly heartrending! I have, fortunately, never had that happen but it is always a fear at the back on ones mind. What happened? Did you have it packed by UPS? I often use AirFloat boxes and not even glass framed works have been hurt. This is a beautiful painting and a very sad loss.

  3. Karen, I have no idea who packed the painting. It is being returned from a gallery. Apparently a fork lift went through the painting. Nope, not even the high dollar Air Float will stop a fork lift