Friday, July 2, 2010

My New Business Cards

We all know we should have business cards. But do we? I usually find them boring to give and to get. Recently I went to the opening of a weaving studio, Sacramento Mountain Weavers in Cloudcroft NM and I really liked their business cards. They were good quality and were printed on both sides. They told me they were printed at

To make a long story short, Hubby designed cards for me for both my contemporary still life paintings and my American Indian paintings. Obviously, the one I have posted is the American Indian card. And, yep, Hubby forgot to put the phone number on the card! LOL. Ah, well, I still love the cards and can't wait to pass them out.

PS The opening at the studio was great in addition to the business cards. Nice studio, great work and lots of folks in attendance


  1. Great design, they look great.
    I prefer to make my own using print shop software, and by printing a sheet of 10 with one image, and the next with another image and so on (15 pages of 10 per package), then you can give out a different image to every person you give them out to.

  2. Terry, I've done that also and I think it's a great idea.

  3. They look great, but one thing to consider is to leave the back blank for comments. When I take business cards from someone I always make notes on the back where I met this person and anything else that helps me remember them later on. Just a thought. I keep coming across your name and blog through different sites and really like your work. Now I read that you went to the Sacramento Mountain Weavers Studio. I know one of the owners, Kenny Nix. Small world!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. A blank side to a business is certainly an option.
    Kelly and Kenny live in the same area I'm in so I've gotten to know them a bit.