Sunday, April 4, 2010

Repainting an Image


Dance Stick, 30 x 30, oil on canvas.

Not all paintings sell the first time out. Could be the wrong gallery for the painting, wrong audience, global  warming or who knows why.

First of all, I like to think that I never send a painting out that has something 'Wrong' with it. But when a painting comes back from a gallery I take a long look and make sure I'm satisfied. If I'm still satisfied, it gets boxed up and is on to another gallery. Throughout the year I hope my skills improve so perhaps the painting was Good Enough when I sent it out but can now be tweeked a bit to make a better painting. 

I just got 2 paintings back. One of them I'm still happy with, the other I decided could use just a bit of work.

I'm sure this painting would have sold "as is" but I decide to add a little darkness around the eyes to give a more intense expression. I added some highlights to the feathers and hair. I darkened the shirt and shawl so the face would pop out more. More contrast in the red fabric on the shield, added two feathers for interest and added more detail to the Horse Dance Stick. All in all about 2 hours work. 

Better? Well, that's a matter of taste and opinion. A great reason to work in oils is that it can always be changed.

Do you have paintings that you'vereworked? I'd like to hear about it.

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  1. Great painting. I like some of the tweaking on the newer version, such as the feather and darkening of the red and the clothing. Otherwise it is great.